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The medical condition referred to as depression is not to be confused with the everyday experience of a mild mood swing that everyone experiences during difficulties. Just as we feel happy or fearful or jealous or angry, we are all "depressed" from time to time.

On the other hand, a depressive illness is a very disabling, unpleasant and prolonged state.

Depression may bring on a variety of physical and psychological symptoms.

Symptoms of depression

No interest or pleasure in things you used to enjoy
Feeling sad or empty
Crying easily or crying for no reason
Feeling slowed down or feeling restless and unable to sit still
Feeling worthless or guilty
Weight gain or loss
Thoughts about death or suicide
Trouble thinking, recalling things or focusing on what you're doing
Trouble making everyday decisions
Problems sleeping, especially in the early morning, or wanting to sleep all of the time
Feeling tired all of the time
Feeling numb emotionally, perhaps even to the point of not being able to cry

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Not all people who suffer from depression have all of the above symptoms.

This link will take you to a video clip explaining depression in detail. A word of caution, however, it is a commercial site promoting anti-depressants.
Depression Video